Outrageous Everything v0.4 is live!

The previously announced update to Outrageous Everything is now live and available for download! The update brings Outrageous Everything from Minecraft Forge 1.7.10 to 1.10.2. This is a much awaited update in order to modernize the mod, which was last updated September 13th, 2015. You can download it from the curse project page here.


If you have any suggestions to improve the mod, please do let us know in the comments here, tweet at us on Twitter, or email us below with your suggestion(s).

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The Broski App v1.1 released

With the creation of this version, the goal was to fix as many issues as possible that were in the launch version as well as make some much-needed User-Interface and functionality changes. The User-Interface when viewing Playlists has been redesigned to now adopt larger video thumbnails. In addition to this, the app has adopted the permission systems changes implemented in android 6.0 and newer versions, all while keeping legacy support for older devices.

Get it on Google Play

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Website Update v1.2

With this latest edition to the website, our portfolio of Minecraft server plugins and mods has been added with the ‘Our Creations’ bubble on the main page being renamed to ‘Software Plugins’ and having the description overhauled.

List of updates:
-‘Our Creations’ bubble renamed to ‘Software Plugins’
-‘Software Plugins’ description updated
-‘View our work’ button now works, redirecting to our Minecraft related software/plugins

The Broski App released

The Broski App that has been long in development for upcoming popular 'YouTuber' FPSBroski is now publicly available on the Google Play store! The app is a perfect way to stay up-to-date with all of his videos and even includes some exclusive content with more planned to be included in the future.

See features list down below:

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