The Broski App v1.1 released

With the creation of this version, the goal was to fix as many issues as possible that were in the launch version as well as make some much-needed User-Interface and functionality changes. The User-Interface when viewing Playlists has been redesigned to now adopt larger video thumbnails. In addition to this, the app has adopted the permission systems changes implemented in android 6.0 and newer versions, all while keeping legacy support for older devices.

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The ability to check what app version the user is using while reporting an error, issue, suggestion, or even just satisfying their curiosity was also important to us and has been added in the latest version of the app. This feature is accessible from "App Version" in the drop down menu on the right hand side of the navigation bar within the app. It should also be noted that in the latest release, the issue where the Settings drop down would not function has also been corrected. Since we are now on the topic of Settings, an issue has been corrected in the latest update that caused changes users made to settings within the app to not take immediate effect.

As mentioned earlier, the app now takes advantage and adopts features of android versions 6.0 and newer. This better support not only accounts for the change in permissions systems, but also allows for future developments involving new features available to developers.

In order to support the increase in thumbnail size among other things, major backend optimizations and improvements have been implemented. For a full list of the change log (in point-form) please see down below.

  • Updated social media link to reflect change in Twitter username of FPSBroski
  • Major changes to UI when viewing playlists (including larger thumbnails)
  • Added ability to check current app version information (accessible from "App Version" drop down menu)
  • Adopted better support for android 6.0+
  • Fixed issue where Settings drop down would not function
  • Corrected issue where settings changes in-app may not take immediate effect
  • Major backend optimizations to support updates


For any questions regarding the app itself, please email [email protected] or tweet @Markyroson and I will do my best to assist you. For any questions regarding the YouTube channel the app is about, please contact the content creator on Twitter @BroskiPlaysYT or email [email protected] and I will forward all questions to him.

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