LGBTQ Charity Livestream

Thumbnail from February 3, 2017 LGBTQ charity live stream

On Friday February 3rd, 2017 Markyroson teamed up with GTACaitlinGamer, voice actress Casey Mongillo, Rockstar Games, Twitch streamer Nutrilicious, YouTube content creator ohBrox, Xorealis, Ashley Bennett, Grand Theft Auto Online live streamer Vinewood Motors, and community member PartyRobotYT to help support three live streams benefiting LGBTQ charities. The charities supported are The Trevor Project, PFLAG, The Gilbert Centre, and The Human Rights Campaign. The stream was broadcast from two different perspectives (links below). The amount of money raised to benefit the charities previously mentioned is not finalized at this time and this post will be updated once the amount is known. An hour after the live stream started a Rockstar Games broadcast team member, who goes by the pseudonym Wolfman, joined the charity live stream on behalf of the company.


If you wish to donate, this is still possible by clicking this link and entering an amount:

The live stream was broadcast on YouTube and Twitch by Kyle (Markyroson) and Nutrilicious, respectively.

Primary Guests list for the live stream was as follows:

Caitlin Gaming
Rockstar Games
Vinewood Motors
Party Robot
Ashley Bennett
Casey Mongillo