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GTA Online: Bikers DLC On-Bike Melee Tutorial

In the Grand Theft Auto Online update ‘Bikers’, the ability to melee other players, enemies, and NPCs (Non-Player Characters) was introduced. There are other tutorials on how to use melee from a motorbike in-game however they tend to omit some key information that will be included in this guide.Anything aside from throwables that you normally […]

Update regarding FPSBroski App

It is regrettable to announce I have just been made aware that the iOS version of the FPSBroski app development has been discontinued. I shall develop it myself once I acquire a Mac and am able to do so. For any questions regarding this, please email me at [email protected].

The Broski App v1.1 released

With the creation of this version, the goal was to fix as many issues as possible that were in the launch version as well as make some much-needed User-Interface and functionality changes. The User-Interface when viewing Playlists has been redesigned to now adopt larger video thumbnails. In addition to this, the app has adopted the […]

Website Update v1.2

With this latest edition to the website, our portfolio of Minecraft server plugins and mods has been added with the ‘Our Creations’ bubble on the main page being renamed to ‘Software Plugins’ and having the description overhauled. List of updates: -‘Our Creations’ bubble renamed to ‘Software Plugins’ -‘Software Plugins’ description updated -‘View our work’ button […]